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About Kennel Cirenita


My name is Caroline Lønmo and I am the owner of Kennel Cirenita, which is a small family kennel. It is located in the south east of Norway and as of today I have three Shetland Sheepdog bitches - Ariel, Belle and Jasmine. They live at home with me and

I include them in my everyday life as family members.


My goal is to breed healthy, happy and social dogs with great beauty and with good temperament, construction and exterior. I will be especially focused on trying to find the right combinations to get offspring free from Hip Dysplasia (HD) and with clear eyes.

There is no program for a hip x-ray within the Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Klub (NSSK). Because of that I personally choose to follow the program that is set by the Norwegian Collie Klub, saying it is ok to mate a bitch with C-hips (and better) with a male free from HD.

The bitch must, off course, also fulfill all the other qualities written above <3


If you have any kind of questions or requests for puppies, please feel free to contact me on either

email: post[at] or my cell phone: +47 95253869


You can also fill out this contact form:


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