Kennel Cirenita

December 26th. 2018:

Two more girls are joining the kennel, Cirenita’s Pink-ing Of You "Cindy" and Cirenita’s Super Cute In Pink "Ella". I am so happy with Cesar and Jasmine's litter and it is too hard to choose only one. The last girl, Cirenita’s I Think In Pink "Lissie" has now moved to Skien with Katarina. Good luck little friend, I know we will see you around <3

October 25th. 2018:

Cirenita's Diamonds gave birth to THREE little girls Thursday evening. I am overwhelmed, and so excited to see them grow up.

Check them out here.

September 29th. 2018:

Cirenita's Diamonds is mated to wonderful Croft's I Want It all! We just LOVE that guy <3

Puppies will be born in the second half of October 2018!

Cirenita's Diamonds "Jasmine" Croft's I Want It All "Cesar"

August 8th. 2018

Jasmine is on fire agility-wise these days! In June on Sandefjord Hundeklubb's competition she entered for the first time class 3 jump, with a great run. I was more nervous then ever, but we did it. She also got her last qualification for agility 2, finally! So, after a long (and HOT) summer vacation, last weekend in Nes she did her first clean run in jump 3 that ended in a 4th. place (no. 2 got the CAC), and also her first clean run and 1st. place in agility 2!! She is so stable now and is so much fun to run with, and it is all up to me to handle her well so we can start our CAC-hunt :D To see our agility-world, enter here.

April 14th. 2018

Finally, this much expected litter has arrived, Belle's last one <3 She did a wonderful job and I am so in love with my little girl!

One sable boy and one sable girl, both with beautiful white collars :) Check out the litter here.

March 30th. 2018

One puppy boy born out of Linnie and Flint, Saturday night. He is the first blue merle puppy born in Kennel Cirenita, I am so excited about this little fella! See his first 8 weeks here.

February 19th. 2018

Croft's Circle Of Life is now mated to Belmara's Pocket Full Of Kryptonite.

Puppies will be born in the middle of April :)

Croft's Circle Of Life "Belle" Belmara's Pocket Full Of Kryptonite "Anton"

February 12th. 2018

Roikie's Blue Linnie is mated to Foxlike Fred Flintstone, and puppies will be born in the end of March :)

Roikie's Blue Linnie "Linnie" Foxlike Fred Flintstone "Flint"

December 16th. 2017

I'm overwhelmed! Both offspring from Jasmine's first litter are also x-rayed clear on hips and elbows :D

Cirenita's My Gecko Does Tricks HD: A/A Cirenita's Lady In Black HD: A/A

November 29th. 2017

I am so happy to announce that all the offspring from Belle's third litter are x-rayed clear on hips and elbows!

Cirenita's Only Girl HD: A/A Cirenita's Rude Boy HD: A/B Cirenita's Shut Up And Drive HD: A/A

October 10th. 2017:

Bad news for the Jasmine x Vind litter. Jasmine is empty and unfortunatly there will be no puppies from this mating. Instead we will look forward to her next heat, and in the meantime we will spend lots of time training and competing agility! :D

To see Jasmine in action, click here.

September 16th. 2017:

In August Cirenita's Diamonds traveled far to meet her new boyfriend Eastflash Glamorous Blue Line.

Hopefully puppies will be born in the middle of October 2017!

Eastflash Glamorous Blue Line "Vind" Cirenita's Diamonds "Jasmine"

September 10th. 2017:

Today, on their 1st. birthday, Dexter and Jess made their debut in baby-agility! And both of them WON their class!! This is just so exciting and I can't wait to see what's laying ahead for them in the future <3


To see Jess' run click here

To see Dexter's run click here


And this is winning picture of Line and Jess:

January 18th. 2017:

Hurray for Cirenita's Man Down "Luna" (Shelteam Moonboy Dancer x Croft's Circle Of Life) who gained her first CAC last weekend at Norsk Dobermann Klubb's national show in Bø, for judge Jeff Horswell. I am so proud of her!

November 5th. 2016:

Jasmine's babies have now moved to their new homes. I know they will be loved to the moon and back forever <3

At eight weeks they look very promising, and I can't wait to see them grow up.

To see pictures of all the sold puppies, click here.

September 10th. 2016:

Finally, the puppies after Cirenita's Diamonds and La-Min-So's Ladies Knight have entered this world :) Two tricolor babies, one boy and one girl, both with good weights - 191 g and 200 g. Jasmine is doing so good as a first time mother!

To see more pictures of the puppies, click here.

September 3rd. 2016:

Faline (Cirenita's Only Girl) and Freddie (Cirenita's Shut Up And Drive) entered their very first puppy show today, in Drammen, and they did so good! Freddie went no. 3 out of 5 puppies in his class (4-6 months dog puppies), and Faline won her class (4-6 months bitch puppies), 3 puppies entered. For judge Andrew Beare. I am very proud of my little babies <3

July 20th. 2016:

Cirenita's Diamonds has successfully been mated to the lovley mister La-Min-So's Ladies Knight.

Hopefully puppies will be born in the middle of September 2016!

Cirenita's Diamonds "Jasmine" La-Min-So' Ladies Knight "Ace"

June 19th. 2016

All the puppies have now moved for their new homes, and they will hopefully live happily ever after <3

Cirenita's Only Girl "Faline" is a keeper, but she will on a daily basis live on breeding terms with Pernille in Ramnes. I will see her a lot, and I am so excited to follow her through life. Faline is a smart girl with no fear, and now she has a new big sister in Phoebe, also a shetland sheepdog bitch from Kennel Strandvin.

To see Faline's page, click here.


May 6th. 2016

Two boys are available for sale. They will be ready for new homes in the middle of june. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Look here for more information and pictures of the puppies.

April 19th. 2016:

Three perfect little puppies born, two boys and one girl. All strong and healthy.

Father: Memus Professor Higgins "Hugo"

Mother: Croft's Circle Of Life "Belle"

Look here for more information and pictures of the puppies.

February 21st. 2016:

Croft's Circle Of Life has been mated with Memus Professor Higgins.

Hopefully puppies will be born in the middle of April 2016!

Memus Professor Higgins

November 2nd. 2015:

I finally got the results from NKK, and my sweet little Jasmine is x-rayed free on hips and elbows!



March 28th. 2014:

Cirenita's Diamonds "Jasmine" is a keeper, and will be staying with us. I am very excited about this little girl <3

To see her page, click here.



February 11th. 2014:

Two little girls born in the morning on February 11th.

Father: S DK UCH DK W -12 NORD W -12 Shelteam Moonboy Dancer "Eric"

Mother: Croft's Circle Of Life "Belle"

Look here for more information and pictures of the puppies.

January 3rd. 2014:

Croft's Circle Of Life is mated with S DK UCH DK W -12 NORD W -12 Shelteam Moonboy Dancer.

Puppies will be expected in the middle of February 2014!

Shelteam Moonboy Dancer

March 10th. 2013:

The boys have now left for their new homes. Good luck to the new owners!


January 6th. 2013:

Two baby boys born in the evening on january 6th.

Father: N SLO UCH NORD JV-07 Lundecock's Hit-And-Run

Mother: Croft's Circle Of Life

November 23rd. 2012:

I'm considering having a bitch on breeding term from this litter. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.


November 6th. 2012:

Croft's Circle Of Life is now mated to N SLO UCH NORD JV-07 Lundecock's Hit-And-Run.

Puppies will be expected in the beginning of January 2013!

Lundecock's Hit-And-Run

October 29th. 2012:

Belle and I joined Agilityjunkies! Ariel will be a stand-in when Belle is with puppies :)

October 17th. 2012:

Finally, I got my kennel name approved! :)

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