Kennel Cirenita


Two puppies born January 6th. 2013


Two tricolor boys with good weights - 235 and 240 grams.

Litter owned and bred by Caroline Lønmo. First litter registered under Kennel Cirenita!



Father: N SLO UCH NORD JW-07 Lundecock's Hit-And-Run

Mother: Croft's Circle Of Life



Pedigree names after songtitles from Rihanna:


Cirenita's Umbrella

Cirenita's Take A Bow



Eight weeks


Cirenita's Umbrella "Milo"


Cirenita's Take A Bow "Bowie"

Seven weeks

Our first time outside in the snow!


We love our mommy <3


Best Friends <3


Cirenita's Umbrella - 1661 g


Cirenita's Take A Bow - 1498 g


Six weeks

Can you believe they are already six weeks? Time flies, and next weekend one of them is moving to i nice family in Andebu.

The other guy is still for sale!


Cirenita's Umbrella


Cirenita's Take A Bow


Five weeks and two days

It's not easy to get good pictures now... They are very active!

Now they have got their pedigree names...


Boy 1 - Cirenita's Umbrella


Boy 2 - Cirenita's Take A Bow


Four weeks


Boy 1 - 1073 g


Boy 2 - 878 g


Three weeks

We are starting to get really puppie-like! Now that we can walk and wag our tails, and even play, we are really cute :)


Boy 1 - 808 g


Boy 2 - 709 g



Two weeks

Now we have opened our eyes!


Boy 1 - 584 g


Boy 2 - 502 g



One week old

Are they cute, or what?

Boy 1, with collar - 280 g


Boy 2, with blaze - 287 g





Boy 1: First born, tricolor with half white collar on his right - 235 g

Boy 2: Second born, tricolor with white spot on neck and blaze - 240 g


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