Seven weeks

Cirenita's Man Down

Cirenita's Diamonds

Best friends forever <3

Cirenita's Man Down


One week

Two weeks

Check out our new cool names!

Cirenita's Man Down - 1540 g

Tricolor girl

Sable girl

We are starting to look like real puppies now, and we practice running, biting and wagging our tails ever day.

Tricolor girl, now 406 g

Proud mommy!

Sable girl, first born - 256 g

Cirenita's Diamonds "Jasmine" - 2180 g and 20 cm. She will be staying with us <3

Kennel Cirenita

Two puppies born February 11th. 2014


One sable and one tricolor girl born tuesday morning, both with good weights - 256 and 285 grams.

Litter owned and bred by Caroline Lønmo.



Father: S DK UCH DK W -12 NORD W -12 Shelteam Moonboy Dancer

Mother: Croft's Circle Of Life



Pedigree names after songtitles from Rihanna:


Cirenita's Man Down

Cirenita's Diamonds

Eight weeks

Cirenita's Man Down "Luna" - 2172 g and 20 cm at delivery. She is moving to a great family in Horten.

Six weeks

Cirenita's Diamonds

Five weeks

Cirenita's Diamonds - 1574 g

Four weeks

Three weeks

Sable girl - 970 g

Tricolor girl - 918 g

Sable girl - 827 g

Tricolor girl - 690 g

Sleeping beauties <3

Sable girl, now 535 g

Tricolor girl, second born - 285 g

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