Kennel Cirenita

Three puppies born April 19th. 2016


Two boys and one girl, all sable, were born tuesday evening, all three of them with good weights - 194, 253 and 256 grams.

They are all perfect, and Belle is such a good mommy <3

Litter owned and bred by Caroline Lønmo.



Father: Memus Professor Higgins

Mother: Croft's Circle Of Life



The puppies have their pedigree names after songtitles from Rihanna:


Cirenita's Shut Up And Drive

Cirenita's Rude Boy

Cirenita's Only Girl

Eight weeks

Seven weeks

We went to see the vet the other day. And she told us that all three of us are free from the eye diseases our breed can have. She also said that we are a very healthy litter. How cool is that?

Six weeks

Outside playing :)

Five weeks

We are proud to pronounce our pedigree names :)

Four weeks

We are celebrating our 4 weeks b-day on Norway's constitution day! HIP HOORAY!

Three weeks

Outside in the backyard for the first time. Very exciting, and a bit scary! Our human mommy had an eye on us all the time, so we were safe from cats and big birds :)

Two weeks

We have finally opened our eyes! But unfortunately we were too tired to keep them open for this photo shoot ;)

One week


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