Kennel Cirenita

Three puppies born October 18th. 2018


Two tricolor girls and one sable girl were born thursday evening!

Oh my, are they beautiful <3 They were all so healthy and lively from the very first moment, and were eating independently right away.

Jasmine is, as last time, the perfect mother. So dedicated to her role <3


The litter is owned and bred by Caroline Lønmo.


Father: Croft's I Want It All

Mother: Cirenita's Diamonds



The puppies will get their pedigree names from OPI nail polish names, and beacuse there are three little girls this time I think we need some

PINK power:

Cirenita's Pink-ing Of You

Cirenita's Super Cute In Pink

Cirenita's I Think In Pink

Seven weeks

Paws up for 7 weeks!

Six weeks

Ok, make room for our new fancy names. Coming up:

Five weeks

This week we have been outside where it is freezing cold!! Is this what the world is about, cold ground and chilly breeze? We hope not. Fortunatly it is only for a few minutes at a time, so we can get used to being outside. Then we get to come inside again where we can run around and play on the floor, hangin' with the grown ups.

Four weeks

Three weeks

Getting cuter every day!

Two weeks

For your record, we have now opened our eyes!

One week

Three little sweeties <3

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