Kennel Cirenita

One puppy born March 24th. 2018


One beautiful blue merle boy were born late saturday night on March 24th.

He is healthy and comfortable, and he ate independently after a couple of hours. Linnie is a natural talent

as a first time mother, and she treats him so well.


The litter is owned by Linnie's owner Line T. Selnes and bred by Caroline Lønmo.


Father: Foxlike Fred Flintstone

Mother: Roikie's Blue Linnie


This little guy was the last one born out of 4 puppies. He was the strongest of them all and the only one who made it through the first two days. Because of this I think he deserves a strong pedigree name:


Cirenita's Survival Of The Fittest

Eight weeks

I have already moved to my new lovly home with Sandra and the gang. I love them so much already. All was good at the vet's by the way, my eyes are clear and both my lala's are right where they're supposed to be. Puh. I am a bit big at 8 weeks, but it doesn't matter. My new mom says she'll love me no matter what. For your interest, I'm 23 cm tall and I weigh 2323 g now.

Seven weeks

I'll say it again, have you noticed my cool pedigree name? If not, I'll tell you right away: Cirenita's Survival Of The Fittest.

I am a strong guy, that's why.

Five weeks

Hi, my name is Lex! And I'm going to move to Nøtterøy and live with Sandra, Einar, their tiny hoooman son Jesper and a red small funny-looking dawg named Chiquita.

Four weeks

I have now gotten my super fancy pedigree name: World, make room for Cirenita's Survival Of The Fittest!

Three weeks

Little blue dream

Two weeks

Blue on blue <3

One week

Heartmelting cute <3


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