Kennel Cirenita


Read this if you are considering a puppy from Kennel Cirenita


My dogs are a natural part of my life and family and they live inside with me as family members. From the day a litter is born to the day the puppybuyers come to pick up their new friend, the puppies are my dogs and are treated accordingly.


To get a lovely and kind dog that is confident when dealing with other dogs and humans, it needs to be sosialized. That is in terms of a life with its new owner, but also the first weeks of the puppys life with its siblings and mommy. I will make sure that all the puppies that come from Kennel Cirenita are well sosialized and have the best possible start in life, before moving to a new home with their new owners. The puppy will grow up with lots of love, everyday events and sounds, get lots of visits from other people of all ages and meet other dogs when they are ready for that.


The puppies are sold with registration in the Norwegian Kennel Klub (NKK) with pedigree, a microchip implant and vaccinated. They come with a recent veterinary certificate, eye tested and dewormed.


I will never ship a puppy alone, you will have to come personally to my home and get your new friend.


I have a strong desire to follow the puppy ahead in life. Supervision and help come with the puppy, anytime.


Croft's Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Foto: Kjell Arne Fløysvik

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