Kennel Cirenita


My history:

Belle and I started with agility training September 2012. We signed up for a beginners course at GiLabb Hundesenter, and completed an advanced course in October 2012. Belle really loved it and I was hooked. This led to a bunch of questions about how to take the training further, and to eventually compete. We ended up joining a private training group called Agilityjunkies, and this is where I get all the help I need to become a good handeler for my dogs.


A little less then 2 years later i startet training Jasmine aswell. She is a real talent, and I am very excited about her future as an agility dog.


January 2015 Belle and I made our debut in Jump Medium 1. Starting to enter competitions was really motivating for further training, and in August 2015 Jasmine and I entered the agility ring too. Belle is now (still) in class 1 in both agility and jump. Jasmine is in agility class 2 and jump class 3. Belle in medium and Jasmine in small.

For videos, check out my YouTube channel! Jasmine's list here, and Belle's list here.


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