Kennel Cirenita

Rally Obedience and Trials

Our debut in level 1 was in Sandefjord june 8th. 2014. Ariel is a very hungry dog and she loves her treats! So becuase of that she is very easy to train, and the day before we tried the different stations in the backyard, and that's all we prepared for this trial. Having said that, she was a grown up lady, 6 years old, so she was well trained all her life up to that point. The stations in level 1 are easy if you already have an obedient dog.


We ended up with a red ribbon and first place with 196 points out of 200, and placed as number 4 in the class. With that score in Norway, you can compete in level 2 the next time.


Three months later we were in Drøbak for level 2. Ariel did really good this time too, and again we got the red ribbon and first place with 196 points out of 200. This time we ended up as number 3 out of 24 participating :D Also this time the score was so good that we could compete in level 3 the next time.

1,5 years later we tried level 3 in Horten, May 7th. 2016. And we realized that for this level we had to learn new stuff :P So the way I used to do it before, train for a couple of days right before the trial, didn't work out this time... And two days before when I started to train, I knew that the time was up. Anyways, we went through with it and disqualified. And that's ok, I can't expect her to do good when she doesn't know how to!! So it ended up as a boost to be better prepared next time :)

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